Pamela Lutz
Pamela L. Lutz

Michael Rehill
Michael F. Rehill
Considering DivorceMediate, don't litigate.      


Welcome to the Sussex County Mediation Center.


At the Sussex County Mediation Center, we are in the practice of providing divorce mediation services.

Mediation is a peaceful alternative to court litigation in matters of divorce. Divorce mediation is a non-adversarial process led by a professionally trained, caring, but neutral mediator. Divorce Mediators help couples negotiate directly with each other to resolve disputes with a goal finding a more peaceful end to their marriage.

At the Sussex County Mediation Center, we approach our work with both of your interests in mind. We work for each of you. Our only interest is in helping you reach a fair and equitable settlement. Call us for a free consultation. We will explain the many benefits of mediating your divorce settlement.


Pamela Lutz & Michael F. Rehill



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