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Family & Divorce Mediation Articles

Effective Communication Makes for Optimal Mediation - Part 2 (9/20/19)
Laura Tarcea

This article discusses why communication matters during family separation.

Mediation in Domestic Violence Case: Whether to Use or Not to Use? – An Indian Perspective (9/19/19)
Sandeep Bhalothia

In this article, I aim to identify two opposite interests associated with the settlement of domestic violence cases, and look at the Indian law to see how those two interests are equitably balanced, therefore, providing a recommended way forward, not necessarily a perfect one, to handle cases related to domestic violence.

Use of Mediation During Divorce Proceedings in India (9/16/19)
Saakshi Jain

In this blog post, Saakshi Jain, student, Amity University, Lucknow Campus writes about Mediation, a must and compulsory process in India. This post also covers the need, advantages, and disadvantages of mediation and its impact on Indian divorces.

Disputing at a Panchayat Meeting (9/14/19)
Peter Adler

When I was twenty-two years old, I did a two-year stint as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Here is a brief account of a dispute resolution meeting with a local governing council called the panchayat.

Effective Communication Makes for Optimal Mediation - Part 1 (9/13/19)
Laura Tarcea

This article is a look at the implications of communication skills in the context of family mediation and recommendations.

The Mediator's Toolkit: Formulating and Asking Questions for Successful Outcomes (9/13/19)
Gerry O'Sullivan

Mediators need to formulate and ask incisive questions that challenge entrenched thinking and shift perspectives.

Three Sides to Every Story (9/12/19)
Cinnie Noble

When we talk about an interpersonal dispute between two people, we commonly say there are two sides to every story – the other person’s version of events and issues and our own.

Choose the Road Less Traveled in Conflict (9/06/19)
Meredith Richardson

Are you stuck in a rut in your relationship with someone?

Divorce Done Differently! (9/06/19)
Denise French

As soon as you begin to contemplate divorce, the nauseating, panic-attack-inducing realization of losing half of your net worth kicks in and you find yourself wondering if it’s even worth it to consider leaving if you’re just going to end up broke and starving.

Moving Parents – and a Moving Conversation (8/30/19)
Dan Simon

Empowerment and recognition shifts can happen between people whose interaction has fluctuated for years.

Eldercare Mediation: Setting Families up for Success (8/30/19)
Kathleen Kauth

Working with families to help an older adult identify how they want to spend their final years and communicate it to all involved parties.

Mediating with Families, 4th Edition - Book Review (8/23/19)
Zena Zumeta

Mediating with Families is an excellent resource both for practitioners and teachers/trainers of family mediation. It includes a broad discussion of family mediation, with techniques, case examples, resources and theory. It is an excellent addition to the field.

Czech Transformative Mediators Empower Parents and Kids (8/16/19)
Dan Simon

Transformative mediation is thriving in Brno, Czech Republic.

7 Signs You May Need Marriage Mediation (8/16/19)
Dakota Murphey

Every marriage goes through some rough patches, and unfortunately, trying to figure it out on your own can often lead to crucial things being left unsaid and strong relationships ending up on the rocks.

CMS Issues Final Rule Allowing Pre-Dispute Nursing Home Arbitration Agreements (8/09/19)
Beth Graham

Nursing homes are now able to have protection and a clear plan with arbitration agreements.

Benefits of Mediation Program for Recently Evicted Families with Children (8/09/19)
Wean Khing Wong

This mediator proposes a upcoming homeless mediation program, the difficulties of working with the homeless population, and the skills a mediator can bring.

5 Mediation Strategies for a Successful Divorce Agreement (8/09/19)
Leah Hadley

There are many benefits to choosing mediation for your divorce, but it’s also important to understand and prepare for the challenges.

Interim Agreements (8/09/19)
Lori Goldstein

Are you considering a change in your marriage, but a divorce or a formal separation seems premature?

Educating the Next Generation in Resolving Social Media Disputes (8/05/19)
Gregg Relyea

Educating the next generation about conflict resolution skills--early in life--is essential on many levels.

Mediation As An Effective ADR Mechanism (8/03/19)
Anveksha Padhye

In this article, Anveksha Padhye does a critical analysis on whether mediation is an effective ADR mechanism or not.

Power as Role and Reality in Mediation (8/02/19)
Richard Barbieri

The most valuable lesson I learned from the book, and the teacher, was the importance of power in any discussion.

Are You Really Ready for Divorce? The 8 Questions You Need to Ask (7/30/19)
Bruce Derman, Wendy Gregson

This article outlines what couples need to do in order to consider and face the numerous dilemmas that are inherent in divorce.

3 Things To Try If You Think Your Spouse Is Contemplating Divorce (7/30/19)
Ann Cerney

How are we supposed to know, 100%, that our marriage, or significant relationship, is secure?

Five Ways to Attract and Retain Young Professionals to your ADR Program or Organization (7/30/19)
Stephanie Klein

If you've noticed that your ADR program or organization (or the field in general) is lacking in young professionals, you are not alone. In this article, I offer five practical ideas that ADR program leaders can implement now in order to get and keep young professionals in ADR.

The Psychology of Conflict and the Art of Compassion (7/24/19)
Debra Dupree

This article is designed to shift how we manage people in emotionally intense situations.

Establishing Standards for Online Domestic Relations Mediation (7/18/19)
Jim Melamed

Leading national family mediation organizations, including, have abided by common standards for divorce and family mediation for over two decades. Do these standards need to be updated to address issues of online mediation? If so, how?

Divorcing After Long-Term Marriage Checklist of Considerations (7/18/19)
Dr. Lynne C. Halem

For couples facing divorce in their late fifties, sixties, and beyond, the questions and issues are quite distinct from those facing younger couples.

Celebrating Pride – Reflections on Being a Gay Mediator (7/18/19)
Frederick Way

This article discusses this mediator's viewpoint that as a mediation profession need to celebrate our own pride.

We Have to Love More, Hate Less. We Got to Listen More and Talk Less. (7/12/19)
John Lande

A quick thought on what we can learn from women's soccer.

Why Retainers are Important to the Mediation Process (7/12/19)
Laurie Israel

For most mediations, having the financial relationship between the mediator and the clients prepaid through a retainer can be a very strong impetus towards making the mediation process stronger and more effective.

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